provides independent consultancy for the clearance of unexploded ordnance / bombs and ammunition.
Our adaptive and tailor made approach makes us an outstanding partner in resolving specific and even complicated UXO / UXB (Un-eXploded Ordnance/ Bomb) clearances . Within that, we do like the challenge.
Founded in 2007, we continuous working on our goal for an UXO free planet - and - towards a safer heritage.
As a result of human failure, this goal will probably never be reached. Former, recent and future wars provide us more and more UXO threats.
This though won't stop us trying !
We are based in Cologne, Germany and work most of the time throughout Europe.

that about 15-20 percent of the used ordnance in war does not function properly on demand, but could function any other day later by incident or accident.
Some of them slumber decades in the ground before there presence is being notified again; most of the time in a positive way.

Unexploded Ordnances like grenades, bombs and mines are recovered throughout Europe. As a relict from former wars their presence cause a possible lethal threat for future activities . In Health and Safety terms; these polluted areas do bear an unacceptable risk for employees working here. To guarantee a safe work area and future use this risk should be taken away in advance; within the planned time line, the reserved budget and the applying legal regulations.

We guide you - step by step - through all needed stages of UXO clearance until these risks are eliminated.
Within that, we take care on all related aspects; assessment and risk studies, technology, quality standards, time, costs, management, communication and heritage.

we offer are wider than presented here but are all characterised by honest craftsmanship.

Historic Risk Assessment

This assessment should answer 3 main questions; Is there a possible UXO threat, how big is it and how can it be controlled in a safe manner ?
We guide this process of gathering, analysing, abstracting all sorts of historic (and technical) information into presenting it in our worlds words of chance and risk from the very beginning to the very end. The more accurate this assessment is done at the beginning, the less problems you'll have further on in the process.

UXO Clearance Methods

There are several methods to clear UXO. If used in the right way, the aid of geophysical and/or mechanical equipment can fulfil this goal. The better the goal is defined, the better it can be reached.

UXO Project strategy advice

A UXO clearance project can be complex, due to all kind of circumstances, regulations and politics. A better focus on the main goal of projects can be gained by leaving minor ones - such as UXO clearance- to the specialised. The more these aspects are neutralised the smoother your project is.

Advice on target definition

What needs to be cleared may differ from what could be cleared. The urge of what should be cleared is more the result of the calculation of possible future risks as a guaranteed 100 % cleared area.

European Tender

We advise our clients on technical go's and no go 's aspects of the UXO clearance in tenders, the optimum work flow to be designed. Pre-qualification of companies through thorough research, evaluation of projects in the past, document handling, processing.

Project Management

We steer your UXO clearance project; small, medium, large or huge, short or long term, simple or complicated. We'll manage it ..

we did are stated here more in plain categories. Specific details can be given in a personal meeting.

UXO Clearance Project Managment

Being the smoothing oil between client and contractor. On behalf of, drivers seat, supervisor, projectmanagement, communication, technical and quality assessment, quality control, cost control, archiving. All from a helicopter point of view.
This is daily business.

UXO Projects Target Definition / HOW TO Development

We have been able to assist a number of clients in developing target definition in uxo polluted environments. An answer to 'Why should you how search for what?'

UXO Projects Overall Budget Calculations

As UXO clearance projects sometimes seem to develop suddenly in unknown heights of costs, clients want this part to be calculated thoroughly before the start of a project - as part of or as a whole - in order to get budgets from project developers or even authorities.
We did several 'in depth' and long term calculations.

Big Tenders

Some projects are big. Several hundreds of hectares. Bombed areas, Shooting ranges, Test islands, Off shore dumps. Too big for a normal announcement, with pre - selection after invitation of uxo-clearance companies resulting in better balanced pricing vs. quality. Input of comprehensive evaluation matrices to quantify quality factors at the one side and pricing aspects at the other side for the stated ratio's.
We did technical parts and QA/QC aspects for some tenders.

Complicated Tenders

Some project are nasty (and because of that complicated). Under water environments, Leaking grenades, mixed heaps of ammunition from WW1 and 2, Lose WP and TNT, several tons of UXO in a strong polluted military area to be cleared mechanical and to be neutralised.
Of course with the highest possible risk elimination.
We provided the technical description, QA/QC aspects and designed a 'state of the art' neutralising compartment block for the project offer.

Multi UXB Defusing in Urban Environments

It ain't business as usual to recover 20+ UXB 500 GP /1000 GP on a small narrow edge parallel to a river. But to get them defused in time using special build constructions amidst of rail-, water- and motorways, primary supply chains and a vibrant city centre before the next flooding is a once in few decades, not to say lifetime experience.
We did the script and helped in constructing the protective construction.

UXB /UXO Maximum Penetration Depth Determination

Did you ever wonder what depth an intact bomb could possibly reach in the ground after the impact?
Well, we did and initiated the idea to one of our customers. As part of a professional pool of scientists we developed a model for some types UXB / UXO in order to calculate the maximum penetration depth by putting in core parameters gathered by drilling or CPT (Cone Penetration Test) and the distinctive features of the UXB.


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