: CQ
provides independent consultancy for the clearance of UXO and for the protection of BATs.
Our adaptive and tailor made approach makes us an outstanding partner in resolving specific and complicated projects . Within that, we do like the challenge.
Founded in 2007, we continuous working on our goal for an UXO free and BAT friendly planet.
We are based in the Hanseatic City of Wismar (Baltic Sea).


Historic Risk Assessment

This assessment should answer 3 main questions; Is there a possible UXO threat, how big is it and how can it be controlled in a safe manner ?
We guide this process of gathering, analysing, abstracting all sorts of historic (and technical) information into presenting it in our worlds words of chance and risk from the very beginning to the very end. The more accurate this assessment is done at the beginning, the less problems you'll have further on in the process.

UXO Clearance Methods

There are several methods to clear UXO. If used in the right way, the aid of geophysical and/or mechanical equipment can fulfil this goal. The better the goal is defined, the better it can be reached.

UXO Project strategy advice

A UXO clearance project can be complex, due to all kind of circumstances, regulations and politics. A better focus on the main goal of projects can be gained by leaving minor ones - such as UXO clearance- to the specialised. The more these aspects are neutralised the smoother your project is.

Advice on target definition

What needs to be cleared may differ from what could be cleared. The urge of what should be cleared is more the result of the calculation of possible future risks as a guaranteed 100 % cleared area.

European Tender

We advise our clients on technical go's and no go 's aspects of the UXO clearance in tenders, the optimum work flow to be designed. Pre-qualification of companies through thorough research, evaluation of projects in the past, document handling, processing.

Project Management

We steer your UXO clearance project; small, medium, large or huge, short or long term, simple or complicated. We'll manage it ..


We do analysis of project statistics, behaviour and accuracy of expected versus found situations, development of predictive instruments


Field Data Acquisition and Review

Any bats around ? The answer to be given for every start of any project concerning all types of building activity.

Bat Protection

Advice to the following questions: Where to build wihich kind of bat housing aid, what kind of approach needed? Which aspects need to be involved?


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